Hello and welcome.

So heres the deal... I have a LOT of *seemingly* unrelated gifts. However, they all have one thing in common which is bettering the human condition. My approach is just a little unconventional. Besides being a Mistress (Or Dominatrix), I like to call myself a "life coach," who specializes in kink, BDSM, polyamory, queer, and energy medicine. I am also a film producer, properly trained actress, and model.. As intense of a Domme as I can be, I can also be a soft, flirtatious and bubbly muse, who merely enjoys connecting with people. I'm into soft vanilla experiences just as much as I am into heavy BDSM. I am very much into other therapeutic, psychological, and spiritual healing types of experiences as well.

-I offer THREE main types of Visceral Experiences which are "FemDom," "Switch AND/OR Mildly Sensual," and also "Companionship." The "Companionship," I offer, in both vanilla and also kinkier varieties. I have a MASSIVE bag of wonderment and fantasies from which we can pull all sorts of exciting adventures. Just call me "Sexy Mary Poppins." Because it's hilarious.
*I've attended a number of seminars and institutes over the past twelve years in order to get to where I am today. I constantly continue my education in the many realms of therapies with which I'm delighted to share with you.*


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                                    "THE DOCTOR WILL SLAY YOU NOW"

Produced my very first kinky film. Just for funzies. Check it out!